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Herb infused Face /Body - Mask

This extremely hydrating and cooling face and body mask is made with 35 carefully selected ingredients. It has a mix of herbs and citrus peels along with Sandalwood , which is an excellent sun burn soother, coupled with the goodness of pomegranate oil and powder, this mask heals the irregularities on the skin on surface level. It works like an ice pack for the skin, muscles and mind.  Geru - Gairika (Red Ochre) a silicate of Alumina and oxide of Iron. In Ayurveda its known as Geru, it is used for medicinal purpose after purification. It is sweet, astringent, anti-phlegmatic, anti-bilious and cooling. It shows beneficial effects in skin diseases, piles , bleeding disorders, ulcers, boils, urticaria, vomiting, hiccups etc. It is not used as single drug but as an ingredient of some compound preparations containing a large number of mineral like ingredients. "Herbiporous" combines many such ingredients within each jar. It can help relieve itchy skin, yeast infestions, nausea, sea and travel sickness, nasal and chest congestion, eczema, psoriasis, ligament tears, muscle injuries and migraine. Refer to "Herbiporous" application chart for direction on ailment specific usage.